The 5th Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research

In association with Financial Crypto 2018
March 2, 2018
Santa Barbara Beach Resort

Workshop Program

Session Session Chair Duration (minutes) Talk Speaker

08:50 - 10:30

Ittay Eyal, Aviv Zohar
15 Welcoming Remarks
60 Keynote talk: The Blockchain Consensus Layer and BFT Dahlia Malkhi
The Blockchain consensus engine, which achieves agreement among distrusting parties in a scalable settings with unknown participants, seems very different from the classical methods for Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT). In this talk, we discuss Blockchain through the lens of the theory of distributed computing.
18 Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners Patrick McCorry, Alexander Hicks, Sarah Meiklejohn
Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:30

Joseph Bonneau
18 A Multi-Party Protocol for Constructing the Public Parameters of the Pinocchio zk-SNARK Sean Bowe, Ariel Gabizon, Matthew D. Green
18 Paralysis Proofs: Safe Access-Structure Updates for Cryptocurrencies and More Fan Zhang, Philip Daian, Iddo Bentov, Ari Juels, Phil Daian
18 Analyzing the Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Ecosystem Marie Vasek, Tyler Moore
18 Blockchain-based Certificate Transparency and Revocation Transparency Ze Wang, Jingqiang Lin, Quanwei Cai, Qiongxiao Wang, Jiwu Jing, Daren Zha
18 A Systematic Approach To Cryptocurrency Fees Alexander Chepurnoy, Vasily Kharin, Dmitry Meshkov

14:00 - 15:35

Ian Miers
18 Egalitarian Society or Benevolent Dictatorship: The State of Cryptocurrency Governance Sarah Azouvi, Mary Maller, Sarah Meiklejohn
13 Hostile Blockchain Takeovers (Short Paper) Joseph Bonneau
18 Analysis of the Bitcoin UTXO set Sergi Delgado-Segura, Cristina Perez-Sola , Jordi Herrera-Joancomati, Guillermo Navarro-Arribas
18 Exploiting Transaction Accumulation and Double Spends for Topology Inference in Bitcoin Matthias Grundmann, Till Neudecker, Hannes Hartenstein
13 (Short Paper) A Wild Velvet Fork Appears! Inclusive Blockchain Protocol Changes in Practice Alexei Zamyatin, Nicholas Stifter, Aljosha Judmayer, Philipp Schindler, Edgar Weippl, William Knottenbelt, Alexei Zamyatin
15 Conclusion + Business Meeting
Coffee Break
16:00 - 17:30 WTSC roundtable and closing session. See the WTSC program here.