2nd Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts

March 2nd 2018

Accepted papers and Programme

Voting demo: how to take part

09:00-10:00 Invited Talk I (courtesy of the Bitcoin Workshop)
The Blockchain Consensus Layer and BFT
Dahlia Malkhi
WMWare Research

10:00-10:30 Joint Session with Bitcoin Workshop
10:00 Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners
Patrick McCorry, Alexander Hicks and Sarah Meiklejohn

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50 Welcome and presentation of the Open Vote Network on Ethereum
live experiment
10:55-11:45 Invited Talk II : Applications
BURPA or BUST! How to build a Bio-Unified Research Program Agency?
Bud Mishra
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and NYU School of Medicine
New York University NYU, and
Mt Sinai School of Medicine

11:45-12:40 Session 2
11:45 Ghazal: toward truly authoritative certificates for secure web browsing
Seyedehmahsa Moosavi and Jeremy Clark
12:03 Verifiable Sealed-Bid Auction on the Ethereum Blockchain
Hisham Galal and Amr Youssef
12:21 The Game among Bribers in a Smart Contract System
Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Zhimin Gao, Nolan Shah, Ton Chanh Le, Yang Lu and Weidong Shi

12:40-14:00 Lunch - Location: Shore

14:00-14:55 Invited Talk III
Models for Smart Contracts: present and future perspectives
Arthur Breitman

14:55-15:35 Session 3
14:55 Lightweight Logging over the Blockchain for Data-Intensive Applications
Yuzhe Tang, Zihao Xing, Cheng Xu, Ju Chen and Jianliang Xu
15:15 Comparative Analysis of the Legal Concept of Title Rights in Real Estate and the Technology of Tokens: How Can Titles Become Tokens?
Oleksii Konashevych

15:35-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:55 Round table: Voting, governance and decentralised democracy on blockchain
Panel (tbc)
Jeremy Clark (Concordia), Peter Ryan (Luxembourgh), Arthur Breitman (Tezos), Bingsheng Zhang (IOHK), Christopher Allen (Blockstream), Andrea Bracciali (Stirling)
Demo Open Vote Network on Ethereum and live experiment's results
Patrick McCorry

16:55-17:55 Session 4
16:55 Proof-Carrying Smart Contracts
Thomas Dickerson, Paul Gazzillo, Maurice Herlihy, Eric Koskinen and Vikram Saraph
17:15 The Scalability of Trustless Trust
Dominik Harz and Magnus Boman
17:35 Toward Cryptocurrency Lending
Chidinma Okoye and Jeremy Clark

17:55 Closing

This conference is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association in cooperation with IACR.